perruque 100 cheveux humain 


square or long hair

the dynamic of tapered cup provides maximum visibility of the hair. the legs and neck, slightly longer than the rest of the hair, sweet the oval face. the strength of the short cut? can be a variety of ways, with gominée smooth, toothed, wrinkled,...
the glass ball, a comeback

anglo saxon mind, the hair is to shorten the sides and leave the neck and the top of the head a little bit more. this season, it is very natural, without breaks between the sides and top of the head with a fade in, very subtle. adopt if you like women's sections, between the square and the short cut.

with long fringes
they're dressing cut short, square or long hair, and highlight the eyes. slightly rounded at the sides, they are at the oval face and small flaws, fine lines, droopy eyelids). easy to put on one side full lace human hair wigs, they are according to your desires in cahoots glamour.


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apply the first and then the root length

also if you have a henna, dark or bad qualité : it may contain metal particles which are incompatible with a coloured product.

the pros  thing: to prevent the color will tingle after rinse, add a handful of salt in your shampoo. it will absorb the dye residue. do you think to make a mask after drying in order to compensate for the effects of salt. full lace wigs

we aime  repairman. inforcer anti off shampoo enhancer, l'oreal professional, 13%. natural. moisturizer rose peach john masters organics, 28%.
2 / carefully apply
first of all, please be sure to read the instructions and make a test 48 hours before each use, as an allergic reaction can occur at any time. for this, apply a little cream coloured, not mixed in the antecubital or on the back of the neck.

don't ask for 45 minutes, and rinse off. if nothing happens, you can start. your mix and apply the first and then the root length. the length're tumbling, rub it in the product. check the back of the head by means of two mirrors, or get help from a friend. after the wash, make the shampooing , provided in the box or a formula that determines the pigments.


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washed and dewatered using hair milk

tarlé: virginia. hair: fabien provost for franck provost, and alexandrine piel, hair studio franck provost. makeup: lauriane redhead. teaching design: lauriane. photographer: lily cléry.
a hair style
credits: dress, margnat creole)
this is the version of the simple square. the lengths we have, but it is not immutable, and flexibility.

the technique of the once washed and dewatered using hair milk, hair. separate the hair into sections and read each with a large round brush and a human hair lace wigs hair dryer. you rotate the direction of brushing through some drills to the inside, to the outside, and further to provide more movement of the hair. then place the head down to the last hair dryer in the roots. the brush hair with the hair and set.
you have thick hair. work from the top of the head hair using a hair straightener, a perfect score.


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you can achieve in a hair salon

you can achieve in a hair salon, whatever your type of hair or hair color.
the differences between the strands and a color scanning.
today, there are many methods to change her lace wigs hair color, scanning, which makes it possible to obtain a natural outcome. the aim is to give the impression of having spent the afternoon in the sun, so the music distributed over the length of a small amount of bleach and then works with a brush to give relief.

the scan will patina over weeks and refinements to the hair is beautiful, it is bright and is the first white hair. a sweep is also easy to maintain, in contrast to the color, there is no boundary to the roots.

the latest trends for a successful scan

you are a handsome trend? next to the famous california scan is to keep its natural roots, with a light on the tips. in contrast to the tie and dye, there is no separation, the blond is melted to the peak. this scanning is still likely, such as honey and strawberry blonde color. the hair is darker, the scanning mode and colour copper reflections and the sweep is infinity: gold, purple or gray hair, or for the original.

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split ends, lengths, refined, white hair

to highlight your hair and brighten your complexion, there is no such thing as a discreet lengths and scanning points. it will also provide the illusion of a dense full lace human hair wigs hair roots. for a good, choose a grade as warm as a honey, gold, copper, or caramel.

split ends, lengths, refined, white hair, some hair information can you age a few years. find out all the mistakes to avoid when we would like to show her face.

the roots visible
it is wrong to avoid if you want to make hair, his face. in order to avoid the effect of two staining can use a spray dyeing or staining alteration in roots. hand hair, play with props, headband, scarf, bar) to divert attention and make little area to work.

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zoom in on the smoothing of japan

warm up and wait for it to cool before releasing the brush. another option: the curling iron. nothing to create a wavy. for large loops, and clear, avoid taking small bits in length just to curling. make sure that your style "is fully realized.

for a long, silky smoothing. in time, the smoothing of japan is your greatest ally. its goal? lasting change to irregular loops or a volume control in the hair smooth, easy to comb.

smoothing method of japan
the hair is hair by buy human hair wigs uk hair very finely worked, for a smooth result. this part of the neck and we're canvassing the area horizontally. a smoothing procedures, which can take between 4 and 5 p.m. in room, be sure to take time for you.


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vous utilisez le plus souvent dans vos cheveux essentiels

sur le podium, la barre plate
la queue du cheval n'a jamais été aussi inclinée. facile à réaliser et déclinable (presque) à l'infini, il continue de vous inspirer et de vous aider dans la vie quotidienne.

aujourd'hui, pour obtenir les cheveux, vous utilisez le plus souvent dans votre bande de cheveux essentielle et si vous retournez à l'école avec la plaque à clip. miroir comme, vous pouvez mélanger sur les cordes et jouer de bonnes petites filles.

la fantaisie la plus basique, vous choisissez le modèle qui correspond à votre style. un numéro ou pour le mélanger. Allez dans un bar et placez-le sur vos cheveux au bas du cou. adopter les deux cheveux raides qui sont bouclés.
la ligne au milieu Perruques full lace sans colle
une partie au milieu, longtemps considérée comme carrée, semble enfin avoir trouvé sa marque. cet hiver, très vieille école, est une simple division en deux des cheveux pour paraître lisse et structurée.


amis des produits coiffants, courts

Lorsque vous avez des produits de coiffure courts se révèlent être de formidables alliés. "Cependant, la main légèrement sur votre utilisation de ces produits.Cela devrait garder le volume et flexible.Si vous voulez un look humide, utilisez un coiffeur de cire est fixe et en même temps, le mouillé, légèrement brillant.Les produits de coiffage sont à choisir en fonction du résultat souhaité, par exemple, selon que l'objectif est de transmettre un mouvement ou de se faire coiffer, une fixation par spray est donc un ensemble indispensable et se coiffe.

comment couper les cheveux courts?
Du côté de l'appareil de coiffage, une brosse et un peigne de petit diamètre suffisent à vos cheveux. "si la coupe est effectuée, les cheveux perruque full lace wig pas cher peuvent être séchés naturellement, et les cheveux et les doigts, mais il est vrai que le peigne est utile pour démêler et faire coiffer les coiffures, et la brosse pour le brossage lisse."


a good haircut is evolving in time

the tip, an appointment at the salon every 5 weeks for your hair. a good haircut is evolving in time and require a minimum of maintenance.
three ways to wear a retro scarf

the scarf is not limited to your neck. it can also be used as accessories, jewelry, hair clips, or your hair. find out three quick ways to wear a headscarf to look decidedly retro.
the hull and the scarf

take a large lock located on the front of your head. tie the rest time of the hull. hold the lock in the space, and use a wide tooth comb for hair teasing. it gives the volume, and to keep your side. half length back to the root and hair with the comb. make the inward motion so that the crimping is less visible. back then the lock back and attach to the forceps. you and your scarf, drive it so that it can be in the form of a patch, and pass it on your neck. take him to the top of the head, and do it with a single node.


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trop serré pour garder les cheveux

comme blake animé, apportez quelques-uns de vos cheveux sur le dos de votre tête. mais au lieu de simplement attacher une tresse de queue de cheval faible, généralement au milieu de la tête. attachez-le avec un crochet élastique sans trop serrer pour garder les cheveux très vraisemblablement. vu de l'avant, vous aurez un demi-ligne classique, mais une fois de retour, vous affichez votre touche aussi bien.

en ligne
dessinez un côté de la ligne droite en utilisant un peigne et crêpez légèrement le plus. Toujours en commençant par le côté, sélectionnez un poil mince et tresse de la racine à mi-longueur. puis ramenez-la de la courbe de votre visage. sélectionnez un verrou de la même largeur de l'autre côté, vous revenez juste derrière la tête. assembler les deux et mettre avec une épingle à cheveux perruque lace front.

la ligne de streetstyle (ultra).
son regard? c'est une vraie fille. une fille qui a presque une heure et demie pour se préparer le matin avec le choix des vêtements, du maquillage et des cheveux. l'enfer d'un homme, mais une vraie opportunité pour moi.