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the smooth work of Brazilian hairdressers

First, keep your hair quiet for three days after it's smooth: we don't wash, tie, or wear hats or hats. Then we will make sure that we use a smooth shampoo that is particularly suitable for Brazil, or at least not sulfuric acid, siloxane and sodium chloride, which are the enemies of keratin. We can also protect her hair before going to the beach swimming pool or before prolonged exposure to the sun. To improve the smoothness of Brazil, you can also use keratin masks about once a week. Brazilian Smooth Price Of course, it's expensive and expensive. The smooth work of Brazilian hairdressers will require 200 to 600 euros, depending on the length of the hairstyle, especially the thickness of the hair. So please don't hesitate to ask for a price to avoid accidents. A scholarship is not covered by all scholarships, but it includes a few hours of meetings to diagnose your hair, some shampoo, apply a care needle, and then pass through a smooth flat surface. Also, be careful about low prices: a barber may not use a product without formaldehyde, an aggressive substance for buy lace wigs uk hair, a potentially dangerous substance whose incidence is regulated in Europe, or he may choose to raise the temperature. To save time, these smooth license plates cancel all smooth care profits.

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