perruque 100 cheveux humain 


Too stylize the fine materials

If you prefer a disciplined fitness, tame your hair with anti-frizz serum to apply on the still wet lengths. And have fun hairstyles: a ponytail or a braid if you have long hair, a wet effect plate with a specific gel if you wear a short haircut.

8 / Tie her hair to sleep

With the thermometer climbing, the braids and the ponytail are often a reflex to have less heat at night. The problem: your scalp is less well ventilated and it creates areas of friction on your lengths that end up damaging the fibers already often attached the day. So remember to disentangle your hair before bed and try to spend the night with your hair fully released.

9 / Too stylize the fine materials
At the slightest gust of wind, your fine hair buy full lace wigs escape you? So, you tend to use shock styling with textures often quite heavy. Indeed, defining creams and anti-frizz serums tend to sting your hair and you have trouble getting rid of it. So trade this kind of product by sprays and styling waters much more aerial. Spray them about twenty centimeters from your hair once your hairstyle is in place.

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