perruque 100 cheveux humain 


it is ideally suited for hair medium length

because the color is brown with brown hair and bright. more subtle classical scanning or a tie dye.
it is suitable for those who love the natural results and fear "the roots".
it is ideally suited for human hair wigs hair medium length to highlight their movement and make a little more.
find all our ideas of colour eye of tiger in the slide show.

hair and hair problems associated are not inevitable. with the guidance of a professional, and focussing on specific products, you pretty hair volume, hair style or the fine. on a daily basis.
space shampoo

although it is generally recommended that two washes, limit yourself to one if you don't want to have hair and form.
favour the use of lip balm with a mask
the texture cream, very nourishing, is more suitable for dry hair, curly, sensitized and stained.
lighter, the salve can be applied to wet hair daily and facilitate from unraveling, the increase of course.
the right thing: let him put on the lengths and peak time to wash up.
get the crab with a brush or comb with large teeth, and then rinse off.
don't give up the hair style cheap lace front wigs.
you just have to play for it.

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