perruque 100 cheveux humain 


pray on my hair thermoprotecteur

in the box, i found the instructions, a small guide with tips from a pro, and a three finger glove thermoresistant (three fingers). .
come on branch
it's gone! i set up the beast, and i hit the switch, which turns on a loud bell.
i enjoy the time of heating, the flashing button) to spray a spray on my human hair wigs uk hair thermoprotecteur (that is recommended by the manufacturer, but not engaged with the loop taker.

in a few seconds, the optimal temperature of 185 degrees is achieved. the switch is at on, and a new tone say "it's okay, we can go."
the first finding is that this is not as trivial as it looks up a lock of hair on a closer, and the presence of thermoprotecteur glove is also meaningless. i do, though, both good and bad, and very proud, i continue to assemble for eight seconds, as recommended.

i go, and my hair is smooth, slightly wavy, but not curly.
but i'm not giving up, and i'm back in the booklet of tips for professional.
horizontal or vertical.
first you need to; i held my closer vertically. it is permitted, but only if we research to create ripples. but i need loops. to do this, i need to maintain closer horizontally.

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