perruque 100 cheveux humain 


make your hair more smooth and soft

several models are sold with different cylinder to adjust the channel to vary the width of the ideal waveforms. again, select the heating power, depending on the nature of your hair lacewigsbuy and using the ceramic, especially if your hair is fragile, ceramics, completely smooth, greatly limits the risk of clash and breakage.

the greater freedom of style is the brush fan: it's kind of a hair dryer, but constituted only a cylinder blower, which is any kind of eating utensils, brushes flat or round, hairstyling comb. it is used on wet hair, and nécessit so a little bit of time that are 10 to 20 minutes, hot, depending on the length of your hair. hair, earrings, hair waves, all is possible. the accessories may be coupled with the ceramic ionic technology to release even more negative ions to make your hair more smooth and soft.

how to maintain?
if you choose a brush fan, rely on a model with a fine grid, which limit the penetration of dust into the machine. you can clean the scale with a soft brush to remove dust and impurities.

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