perruque 100 cheveux humain 


shot of young, modern style, volume

use the express of a powder texturisante for volume. head down, rub your hair with a round brush. sprinkle the product in root hair to hair, then shake to remove excess hair. if your hair is fine, like the use of a spray.
a breath of fresh air: the neck dress

in contrast to make the volume of the upper part of the hair, smooth hair at the nape of the neck to provide a short cut for your feminine side.
after the tie and dye and shaded hair human hair wigs uk, the sea. the effect of natural hair and hot sun has to seduce us. it explains how to adopt dark hair or blond, you can inspire you by taking in our photo gallery.
what is it?

combination of the two words "subtle" (or "shadow" and "subtle) is to clarify the fallen slightly tipped hair, without boundaries, in contrast to the shadow or the tie and dye, which is about the contrast of colors. with the deep, points are only three shades lighter than the human hair lace front wigs root, so that they are more clearly and with a shadow 6 tons.
why do we fall?

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