perruque 100 cheveux humain 


make ripples with a curling iron

in 2015, we discovered with long blond gold presentation at cannes for his latest film, the rage.
flop: top or top. the tie dye has the luster to the face. in addition, the return of beach is quite natural human lace front wigs uk, as the development of the light brown to golden point is fluid.

with little accessories, and some products texturisants fabien art director franck provost, provost, and proposes ideas for change of mind sharp in a matter of minutes. with short hair or long hair, you're at the office or on vacation, take a new look at the discretion of your desires.

1 / the square wavy
on dry hair, make ripples with a curling iron, hair roots with the spikes. now and then the hair, head down, and set sail with a spray.

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