perruque 100 cheveux humain 


a short cut more punchy

why not opt for short hair with volume measurements, such as products, to look more rock, which can adopt the same curly hair full lace human hair wigs? this is in addition to the advantage of your poise in value with the neck and neck.
a short cut more punchy

if you want to go a step further and give pep's your cup, several options are available to you.
the asymmetrical, first of all, runs with longer hair on the side, or even burned on one side, it can.
you can also choose to cut a figure, to maintain, on a regular basis, in a few of these, you can give your hair a picture. 100% original.

finally... can the color. platinum blond hair, strawberry... even the hair oh, everything is permitted.
modern, simple and bold, the shaved head is an asset of shock for those who wish to shed light on their faces. discover the stars who have fallen for it, and our advice to adopt it.
they could shave his head

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