perruque 100 cheveux humain 


light colour

the stars were well understood, after 40 years, it is essential to provide relief and light to the hair by means of a set of bits. choose a few honey yellow or chocolate, the colour of your hair. put these shades on the area of the contour of the face to brighten your features and refresh your look. if you have hair or damaged, post also highlights more clearly on the lengths and show up at your hair to the pep.

provide movement to cut
you have short hair, like sharon stone, or as long as sandra bullock, it is important to structure the material layers. at the edge of the face to create a wicking or lengths and cutting tips to boost. to make your hair volume, have the job of taking off from the roots using a round brush human hair lace front wigs. if you have a ponytail or bun, crêpez area of the back of the head to the "refinement.

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