perruque 100 cheveux humain 


square or long hair

the dynamic of tapered cup provides maximum visibility of the hair. the legs and neck, slightly longer than the rest of the hair, sweet the oval face. the strength of the short cut? can be a variety of ways, with gominée smooth, toothed, wrinkled,...
the glass ball, a comeback

anglo saxon mind, the hair is to shorten the sides and leave the neck and the top of the head a little bit more. this season, it is very natural, without breaks between the sides and top of the head with a fade in, very subtle. adopt if you like women's sections, between the square and the short cut.

with long fringes
they're dressing cut short, square or long hair, and highlight the eyes. slightly rounded at the sides, they are at the oval face and small flaws, fine lines, droopy eyelids). easy to put on one side full lace human hair wigs, they are according to your desires in cahoots glamour.

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