perruque 100 cheveux humain 


apply the first and then the root length

also if you have a henna, dark or bad qualité : it may contain metal particles which are incompatible with a coloured product.

the pros  thing: to prevent the color will tingle after rinse, add a handful of salt in your shampoo. it will absorb the dye residue. do you think to make a mask after drying in order to compensate for the effects of salt. full lace wigs

we aime  repairman. inforcer anti off shampoo enhancer, l'oreal professional, 13%. natural. moisturizer rose peach john masters organics, 28%.
2 / carefully apply
first of all, please be sure to read the instructions and make a test 48 hours before each use, as an allergic reaction can occur at any time. for this, apply a little cream coloured, not mixed in the antecubital or on the back of the neck.

don't ask for 45 minutes, and rinse off. if nothing happens, you can start. your mix and apply the first and then the root length. the length're tumbling, rub it in the product. check the back of the head by means of two mirrors, or get help from a friend. after the wash, make the shampooing , provided in the box or a formula that determines the pigments.

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