perruque 100 cheveux humain 


washed and dewatered using hair milk

tarlé: virginia. hair: fabien provost for franck provost, and alexandrine piel, hair studio franck provost. makeup: lauriane redhead. teaching design: lauriane. photographer: lily cléry.
a hair style
credits: dress, margnat creole)
this is the version of the simple square. the lengths we have, but it is not immutable, and flexibility.

the technique of the once washed and dewatered using hair milk, hair. separate the hair into sections and read each with a large round brush and a human hair lace wigs hair dryer. you rotate the direction of brushing through some drills to the inside, to the outside, and further to provide more movement of the hair. then place the head down to the last hair dryer in the roots. the brush hair with the hair and set.
you have thick hair. work from the top of the head hair using a hair straightener, a perfect score.

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