perruque 100 cheveux humain 


you can achieve in a hair salon

you can achieve in a hair salon, whatever your type of hair or hair color.
the differences between the strands and a color scanning.
today, there are many methods to change her lace wigs hair color, scanning, which makes it possible to obtain a natural outcome. the aim is to give the impression of having spent the afternoon in the sun, so the music distributed over the length of a small amount of bleach and then works with a brush to give relief.

the scan will patina over weeks and refinements to the hair is beautiful, it is bright and is the first white hair. a sweep is also easy to maintain, in contrast to the color, there is no boundary to the roots.

the latest trends for a successful scan

you are a handsome trend? next to the famous california scan is to keep its natural roots, with a light on the tips. in contrast to the tie and dye, there is no separation, the blond is melted to the peak. this scanning is still likely, such as honey and strawberry blonde color. the hair is darker, the scanning mode and colour copper reflections and the sweep is infinity: gold, purple or gray hair, or for the original.

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