perruque 100 cheveux humain 


a good haircut is evolving in time

the tip, an appointment at the salon every 5 weeks for your hair. a good haircut is evolving in time and require a minimum of maintenance.
three ways to wear a retro scarf

the scarf is not limited to your neck. it can also be used as accessories, jewelry, hair clips, or your hair. find out three quick ways to wear a headscarf to look decidedly retro.
the hull and the scarf

take a large lock located on the front of your head. tie the rest time of the hull. hold the lock in the space, and use a wide tooth comb for hair teasing. it gives the volume, and to keep your side. half length back to the root and hair with the comb. make the inward motion so that the crimping is less visible. back then the lock back and attach to the forceps. you and your scarf, drive it so that it can be in the form of a patch, and pass it on your neck. take him to the top of the head, and do it with a single node.

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