perruque 100 cheveux humain 


the platinum blonde

may '68 was followed on the hair. the hair length and displayed are fast, ultra smooth. long hair and ultra smooth, as well as the trend of the hippie is then initiated, with hardy and jane birkin in the lead. the heads of the props relative to each other in printed scarves or simple headbands graphics placed in the middle of the forehead.

the platinum blonde
in the 1970s, the colour becoming more democratic. the techniques used are simplified and more accessible prices. those who have always wanted to be blond will finally be able to meet their needs. in the 1970s, the platinum is in honor of headgear and sensual girl, sylvie vartan in our fellow citizens and brigitte bardot.

the volume size of the 1970s
donna summer, diana ross, and have contributed to the success of the african. the principle? curly hair with a maximum volume for a glueless lace wigs uk hair less air. if you do not have the black hair, difficult to see the look less than opt for the night in a wig with the jackson five.

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