perruque 100 cheveux humain 


the separation of your hair into three parts

it is short, your date will be many changes in the living room, about once every two months). in daily life, and that the effect of blur with a spray to spray, and the length of the beach end of the fingers. if you take a square into two is smooth, wet hair. the brush prior to the technique of brushing.

in daily life, use care to your type of hair and not in the cup. thus, dry hair opt for ritual hydra therapy and hair lengths based on smoothed for the range of liss). each care care with jean louis david.

the braids intertwined procession simone rocha, step by step.
step 1:
before the start of your hair lace wigs uk, keep in mind that i? all words are feminine and romantic. the braids are not flat but interlaced woven décoiffées. at the base of the hair: the separation of your hair into three parts.

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