perruque 100 cheveux humain 


skimp on the use of hair accessories

This allows you to wait in style!" You stop doing it when the length will be too much important and that there will be too much weight on your hull. Finally, do not skimp on the use of hair accessories. Barrette, clip, comb, pin, headband, headband ... The choice of weapons is vast!
Define one's style

"For a sixties hairstyle, put on a wide headband and put your bangs back on.Also think of the hair comb, very retro, to place on the side.He will come then hold your bangs with glamor." Do not hesitate return regularly to your human hair wigs hairdresser so that it can give a proper shape to your bangs. Its regular maintenance will largely contribute to its good regrowth and will make your daily life easier!

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