perruque 100 cheveux humain 


The hair is in the back of the head

cut a few inches, adopt good hairstyling and win 10 years, that's what we promised, ambassador eric zemmur, l'oreal professional hair. we will show you how to make a home for "video.
in order to illustrate his new haircut human hair wigs, marine may opt for a rather bohemian is unclear, look young and hip.

in order to achieve this, proceed in stages.
1 / the beauty of head is placed at the back of the head, wavy hair lengths. be careful not to put it too high, so that the hair is in the back of the head.

2 / the lengths are then twistées in the hole of the accessory to cover it up, but loosely, for the neo romantic mind blurred, it is fixed with a lacquer (lacquer pure infinium l'oreal professional).
photo credits: jonathan levy

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make ripples with a curling iron

in 2015, we discovered with long blond gold presentation at cannes for his latest film, the rage.
flop: top or top. the tie dye has the luster to the face. in addition, the return of beach is quite natural human lace front wigs uk, as the development of the light brown to golden point is fluid.

with little accessories, and some products texturisants fabien art director franck provost, provost, and proposes ideas for change of mind sharp in a matter of minutes. with short hair or long hair, you're at the office or on vacation, take a new look at the discretion of your desires.

1 / the square wavy
on dry hair, make ripples with a curling iron, hair roots with the spikes. now and then the hair, head down, and set sail with a spray.

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a short cut more punchy

why not opt for short hair with volume measurements, such as products, to look more rock, which can adopt the same curly hair full lace human hair wigs? this is in addition to the advantage of your poise in value with the neck and neck.
a short cut more punchy

if you want to go a step further and give pep's your cup, several options are available to you.
the asymmetrical, first of all, runs with longer hair on the side, or even burned on one side, it can.
you can also choose to cut a figure, to maintain, on a regular basis, in a few of these, you can give your hair a picture. 100% original.

finally... can the color. platinum blond hair, strawberry... even the hair oh, everything is permitted.
modern, simple and bold, the shaved head is an asset of shock for those who wish to shed light on their faces. discover the stars who have fallen for it, and our advice to adopt it.
they could shave his head

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light colour

the stars were well understood, after 40 years, it is essential to provide relief and light to the hair by means of a set of bits. choose a few honey yellow or chocolate, the colour of your hair. put these shades on the area of the contour of the face to brighten your features and refresh your look. if you have hair or damaged, post also highlights more clearly on the lengths and show up at your hair to the pep.

provide movement to cut
you have short hair, like sharon stone, or as long as sandra bullock, it is important to structure the material layers. at the edge of the face to create a wicking or lengths and cutting tips to boost. to make your hair volume, have the job of taking off from the roots using a round brush human hair lace front wigs. if you have a ponytail or bun, crêpez area of the back of the head to the "refinement.

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square or long hair

the dynamic of tapered cup provides maximum visibility of the hair. the legs and neck, slightly longer than the rest of the hair, sweet the oval face. the strength of the short cut? can be a variety of ways, with gominée smooth, toothed, wrinkled,...
the glass ball, a comeback

anglo saxon mind, the hair is to shorten the sides and leave the neck and the top of the head a little bit more. this season, it is very natural, without breaks between the sides and top of the head with a fade in, very subtle. adopt if you like women's sections, between the square and the short cut.

with long fringes
they're dressing cut short, square or long hair, and highlight the eyes. slightly rounded at the sides, they are at the oval face and small flaws, fine lines, droopy eyelids). easy to put on one side full lace human hair wigs, they are according to your desires in cahoots glamour.


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apply the first and then the root length

also if you have a henna, dark or bad qualité : it may contain metal particles which are incompatible with a coloured product.

the pros  thing: to prevent the color will tingle after rinse, add a handful of salt in your shampoo. it will absorb the dye residue. do you think to make a mask after drying in order to compensate for the effects of salt. full lace wigs

we aime  repairman. inforcer anti off shampoo enhancer, l'oreal professional, 13%. natural. moisturizer rose peach john masters organics, 28%.
2 / carefully apply
first of all, please be sure to read the instructions and make a test 48 hours before each use, as an allergic reaction can occur at any time. for this, apply a little cream coloured, not mixed in the antecubital or on the back of the neck.

don't ask for 45 minutes, and rinse off. if nothing happens, you can start. your mix and apply the first and then the root length. the length're tumbling, rub it in the product. check the back of the head by means of two mirrors, or get help from a friend. after the wash, make the shampooing , provided in the box or a formula that determines the pigments.


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washed and dewatered using hair milk

tarlé: virginia. hair: fabien provost for franck provost, and alexandrine piel, hair studio franck provost. makeup: lauriane redhead. teaching design: lauriane. photographer: lily cléry.
a hair style
credits: dress, margnat creole)
this is the version of the simple square. the lengths we have, but it is not immutable, and flexibility.

the technique of the once washed and dewatered using hair milk, hair. separate the hair into sections and read each with a large round brush and a human hair lace wigs hair dryer. you rotate the direction of brushing through some drills to the inside, to the outside, and further to provide more movement of the hair. then place the head down to the last hair dryer in the roots. the brush hair with the hair and set.
you have thick hair. work from the top of the head hair using a hair straightener, a perfect score.


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you can achieve in a hair salon

you can achieve in a hair salon, whatever your type of hair or hair color.
the differences between the strands and a color scanning.
today, there are many methods to change her lace wigs hair color, scanning, which makes it possible to obtain a natural outcome. the aim is to give the impression of having spent the afternoon in the sun, so the music distributed over the length of a small amount of bleach and then works with a brush to give relief.

the scan will patina over weeks and refinements to the hair is beautiful, it is bright and is the first white hair. a sweep is also easy to maintain, in contrast to the color, there is no boundary to the roots.

the latest trends for a successful scan

you are a handsome trend? next to the famous california scan is to keep its natural roots, with a light on the tips. in contrast to the tie and dye, there is no separation, the blond is melted to the peak. this scanning is still likely, such as honey and strawberry blonde color. the hair is darker, the scanning mode and colour copper reflections and the sweep is infinity: gold, purple or gray hair, or for the original.

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split ends, lengths, refined, white hair

to highlight your hair and brighten your complexion, there is no such thing as a discreet lengths and scanning points. it will also provide the illusion of a dense full lace human hair wigs hair roots. for a good, choose a grade as warm as a honey, gold, copper, or caramel.

split ends, lengths, refined, white hair, some hair information can you age a few years. find out all the mistakes to avoid when we would like to show her face.

the roots visible
it is wrong to avoid if you want to make hair, his face. in order to avoid the effect of two staining can use a spray dyeing or staining alteration in roots. hand hair, play with props, headband, scarf, bar) to divert attention and make little area to work.

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zoom in on the smoothing of japan

warm up and wait for it to cool before releasing the brush. another option: the curling iron. nothing to create a wavy. for large loops, and clear, avoid taking small bits in length just to curling. make sure that your style "is fully realized.

for a long, silky smoothing. in time, the smoothing of japan is your greatest ally. its goal? lasting change to irregular loops or a volume control in the hair smooth, easy to comb.

smoothing method of japan
the hair is hair by buy human hair wigs uk hair very finely worked, for a smooth result. this part of the neck and we're canvassing the area horizontally. a smoothing procedures, which can take between 4 and 5 p.m. in room, be sure to take time for you.


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